The final action packed week of April unfolded with new important blocks of new data for investors that provide updated investment strategy guidance. Join us for this week’s fast paced tour of headlines and research.

The long awaited Trump tax proposal was delivered in a single page, remarkable simplicity. Part of the impact is voter realization that tax cuts give us more of our own money fueling optimism.

Deregulation has provided business leaders with new optimism fueled by a complete change in posture from regulatory armies. Energy deregulation impact was underscored this week as oil dipped back below $49 per barrel.

Rising costs became a theme for auto makers and airlines to explain reduced profits even with modest revenue growth. What will the S&P net profit growth show for Q1?

Headline Round Up!:

*Economic Growth? Q1 Numbers.

*North Korea Update to Congress: “Sobering.”

*Housing Market Updates: Wall Street Journal Declares Denver and Dallas 10 Year Nationwide Winners! How Much is Your House Up?

*Overextended! Car Prices On Track to Drop 7%!

*Filling Up the Prisons!

*Durable Goods Orders: 3rd Straight Monthly Gain.

*Big Week for Earnings Reports: Q1 Profit Numbers.

*Refiners Getting Regulatory and Cost Relief?

*MySize is Much Smaller! The Sad Story of a Shell Company with No Customers.

*Hippies Are Going to Be Upset! Whole Foods Rallies on Reports Albertson’s Potentially Buying Entire Company! Organic Vienna Sausages Anyone? Investment Lessons for “Green Portfolios.”

*UNDERCUT! U.S. Production Rises 550,000 Barrels Per Day Since OPEC Pledged to Cut Output!

*Emerging Market Updates!

Profit Report:

*Tax Cuts and 2017 Impact?

*Are Current Equity Valuations Sustainable?

*Revenue? Profits? GDP Economic Growth?

*New Trading Program for Certain Small Cap Shares?

*Money Flows this Week?

*Latest Trustee Bootcamp Educational Innovation: Estate Planning Videos!

*This Week’s Planning Lessons from Client Appointments.

*McGowanGroup Asset Management posts its first quarter client results online!

*Retirement Preparation and Decisions Real Time!

*Are the U.S. equity markets overvalued?

*Are there tax free bonds paying over 5%?

*How should investors “scale in” to different asset classes and when?

*Where should “dry gun powder” be kept for the best yield?

*What actually happens to long term interest rates and bond prices when the Fed raises rates?

*Why does the T-Bill mirror the Fed Funds rate?

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*AllianceBernstein: Do Tax Cuts Make Business Better?

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