Advance Report

Radio Show

With 2017 essentially 2/3rd’s over, Alex Tollen and Spencer McGowan explore the lessons in 2017 results:

What asset classes are winning year to date?

“Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda”: What lessons lead us to great decisions?

“Yosemite Sam:” Where did investors shoot themselves in foot?

Who are the candidates for “Bozo Awards” and “Sir John Templeton Awards?”

2018: What do the results tell us about 2018?

NetworthRadio provides a unique combination of financial news with research intelligence designed to take investors to the next level of expertise in successful decision making. Join us for this week’s powerful broadcast. Keep that pen out!

Headline Round Up!

  • Deluge: Texas refineries hit by tropical storm Harvey!
  • Sears: Night of the Living Dead Invades Mall Based Stores Again. Is Sears a Zombie? Lessons for Investors from the ongoing Retail Ice Age?
  • Austin Based Whole Foods Clears Acquisition by Amazon! Drone Delivery of Organic Soy Milk? What Companies Are Next in Line for Mergers?
  • Millennials Buying Luxury Homes! The Demographic Group Has Overtaken Baby Boomers as the Largest Group Impacting the Economy! Average Purchase Price for Toll Brothers $837,000 and 23% of Millennials Who Are Having Kids.
  • New Home Sales Down in July. Redfin Transforms Residential Transactions.
  • Google and Walmart Team Up to Battle Amazon!
  • Dividends Reach Record $1.21 Trillion for 2017! Get Your Fair Share. How? MGAM Research for October Focused on Big Dividends!
  • North Texas: Feel the Power! Sempra Energy, a San Diego Based Utility, Outbids Buffett for Oncor the Bankrupt Local Power Delivery Company.
  • LNG Update: Liquid Natural Gas Ships Take the Scenic Route to Wait for Best Bids.
  • Shipping Mergers After Decade Bear Cycle in Former High Flying Sector.

Profit Report

  • 2017 Results?
  • Emerging Market Equity? Emerging Market Bonds?
  • Heavy Metal? Tech Heavy Nasdaq 100?
  • Bonds? Pipelines?
  • 2018 Implications?

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