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With the Volatility (“fear”) Index signaling near record complacency, this week’s program guides investors through the lessons of 9-11 in crisis management:

What actually happened to the U.S. equity markets subsequent to the terrorist attack?

What did 2001, 2002, and 2003 teach us about portfolio management within the stresses of recession and systemic shock?

What were the best asset classes and securities over the crisis period?

How have the global financial markets evolved over the last 15 years?

What should investors do to prepare and address the next dramatic shift of investors from current optimism to fear?

What can the story of Sir John Templeton during World War II teach us?

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The Permian Basin Black Gold Rush

This week’s installment in the ongoing Energy Units projects explores the extraordinary activity in Texas’ Permian Basin exploration and infrastructure that accelerated this week with 2 mergers. The report includes a warning for investors and provides valuable infrastructure insights.

Headline Round Up!:

*Parts Permian Basin Profitable at $30 Per Barrel!

*Houston based Spectra Energy taken over by Canadian Pipeline giant Enbridge in a $37 Billion share swap and debt assumption acquisition.

*Houston based EOG acquires Yates Petroleum for $2.5 Billion. Investors bid up EOG shares over $4 in a single day.

*Alpine High! Apache Finds an Estimated Equivalent of over 2 BILLION Barrels of Oil. Understandably, They Promptly Named It “Alpine High.”

*Tobacco Bonds Smokin’ Hot Bargains?

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