Aftermath: Harvey Impact? Irma Impact?

September 8, 2017

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Advance Report


Radio Show


Headline Round Up:

*Wholesale Gasoline Falls From $2.14 at Last Week’s Peak to Below $1.70!

-Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

*Building Materials Spike! Shortages for 2 Years? Owens Corning New All Time High. Construction Rebuilding Impact on the U.S. Economy.

-Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

*Refinery Updates.

-Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

*30 Year US Treasury Yields Plummet Again?

-Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

*DHL Announces Huge North Texas Facility!

*Amazon Announces New “HQ2” Headquarters Search. CNBC Says TEXAS! Fort Worth and Dallas Compete or Collaborate?

*Irving Poised to Rival Frisco in Building Boom!

*Celgene All Time New High as Biotech Rally Continues.

*Car-T Cancer Breakthrough in Biotech Cleared This Month for Novartis! Gilead Bought Kite Just in Time!

*Printing Money! Visa and Mastercard Make All Time Highs!


Profit Report

MGAM Important 2018 Strategy Updates:

*Addressing Low Interest Rates with Real Strategy.

*Surprising profit growth.

*Bargains and timing.

*What to do with new cash right before the end of 2018?

*Harvey and Irma petroleum and construction industry impact.

*Dividend research and strategy.

*What is Bitcoin?

-Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

*What is Ethereum?

Download (PDF, 161KB)

*What is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

*Dangers for Crypto-currencies and Gold:

People’s Bank of China?



*Trustee Bootcamp and your heirs.


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Featured Research Solutions:

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*Why Long Rates May NOT Increase!

*What Every Investor Needs to Know About Fixed Income Definitions and Categories.

*Estate Planning Attorneys

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